2 Way Slip Dress + SETARIUM

Created another project in collaboration with SETARIUM.


SETARIUM is an Italian company based in Bologna (my city) for 6 decades already. They produce and sell a variety of different fabrics (see their catalogue from their site). They can also produce exclusive embroidery with the support of the best designers, where the pattern and threads can be chosen by the customer from a wide variety of combinations. Customers can also request any designs that they want to be printed on the fabric with the help of digital machines. SETARIUM always ensures to deliver high quality products all over the world.

I recently had my on-the-job training at SETARIUM (same as last year’s). I chose the same company this year because I had a wonderful experience working with them last school year. At the end of the training, we had given a chance to get fabrics of our choice as a compensation for working for them in a very short period of time. I chose LICIA (lace), & a SATIN STRETCH (silk), both in color red, and two more fabrics (will also post it as soonest possible).

Last year, I made myself a tennis skirt out of PAPETE fabric. I think I still haven’t blogged about it, but will do next time. Since slip dresses are still trending these days, I decided to create my own, of course, using SETARIUM’s fabrics. I made a slip dress in lace fabric, supposedly with silk lining, but I intended to create them individually so I can have two dresses, and wear them in two different ways. I always wanted to wear something that I created myself. Thanks to Manifattura Viaggi for making it possible!


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