8 Things I’ve Learned From Fashion Blogging

When I started my blog way back in 2012, I had no idea, as in zero knowledge about everything. The only thing I know is… I want to blog. Not for anyone else but for myself. I want to express myself. It is my preoccupation, my escape and my stress reliever. Never did I thought that I could inspire other people through this. I continue blogging, and then I found myself writing not just for myself but for an audience. Earning from this blog is just a plus point, but all the lessons I’ve learned, learning, and will learn from the experience & people is what I treasure the most. As my blog continues to grow, I grow as a person, too. My blog is a big part of my life. Today marks another milestone in my blogging life, faebulousstory.wordpress.com is now FAEBULOUSSTORY.COM! I am so happy to launch my own domain. It has been a fun journey, I can’t wait to create and write new memories.

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Plan Board

Here’s a quick post showing you my plan board! I’ve been telling you a lot of times that I am very OC! I want things to be clean and oganize. As you can see, my plan board has a DIY calendar (where I post my to-dos for that day), my Boracay 2014 OOTD shot, some inspirations and a list of blog topics since I cannot think of what to blog about most of the time. Smart moves huh? :p That’s just basically what my plan board is all about. And also, I have my colored sign pens, pastel and neon pens, colored push pins, fabric tape and post-its in different shapes. That’s just it! Hashtag artsy!