Cheers to 2017!

2016 went by so fast, and we're all ready to conquer 2017! The best is yet to come! Feel free to watch our New Year Party!  


5 Things My First Heartbreak Has Taught Me

We all experience having a heartbreak. It's something that I struggle with even before the actual breakup had happened. Imagine mending all the broken pieces while you're still inside the relationship and moving on even you're still committed. I kept on reminding myself that I can get through it. But still, going through my first … Continue reading 5 Things My First Heartbreak Has Taught Me

8 Things I’ve Learned From Fashion Blogging

When I started my blog way back in 2012, I had no idea, as in zero knowledge about everything. The only thing I know is... I want to blog. Not for anyone else but for myself. I want to express myself. It is my preoccupation, my escape and my stress reliever. Never did I thought … Continue reading 8 Things I’ve Learned From Fashion Blogging

Dear Summer 2014

Summer 2013's photo diary Summertime = Vacation = Travel time  But we're not flying anywhere, or somewhere. We will just explore the other places here in Italy. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!! Sorry for the intense and numerous exclamation points. I. Am. Just. Excited. *insert very happy face here*. Last year's vacay was fun. For everybody's information, … Continue reading Dear Summer 2014