Yo, Hippie!


A very foggy and rainy morning greeted me today. Waking up to a chilly weather is nice, but I’m so afraid that I might not be able to take a photo of my outfit and my mood turned somber. However, the rain stopped for a moment, and so I took advantage of it. Haha!

Anyway, the bottom I used is actually a summer dress. Double purpose, eh? I wanted to try this look for so long: maxi skirt, loose top and a pair of sneakers, but I never had a chance to do it. I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to wear this hippie look. Love love. I hope you like my outfit today. Happy weekend!

Dress from Cococabana
Vintage Tees from Artwork
Leopard Print Scarf from NVJS
Leopard Print Sneakers from SM Department Store
Aviator by RayBan
MNL Watch from Kultura
Chain Bracelet from Pink Box
Knot Bracelets from Exotic

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