15 Essential Items For A Theme Park Visit

What am I going to wear?”, the ultimate question every girl encounters before any trip. We tend to think about our outfits; of course, we want to feel comfortable but still, in style. We’re scheduled to travel to a theme park later. Yup, it’s already 3 something in the morning and I’m still up. Join me as I take a minute to think beyond what to wear, and talk about what to bring. Game?

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5 Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

We always focus on the clothes we are going to wear but never did we realize the importance of undergarments. Sometimes the clothing fits well on you but none of your undergarments make it look better. Straps are coming out, your cyclings are too long for your dress, your tummy’s showing. Yes, admit it! We often encounter scenarios like that. You always have to go underneath to solve your clothing problem. You should take actions before it’s too late. You might be in trouble. I picked 5 essentials that could save you from a disaster.

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15 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

Every girl has their own relationship with clothing, depending on their fashion sense and tastes. We do have different “must haves“, but I am pretty sure that most of us fall under one question, “what will I wear?“. I provided a list of essential wardrobe items for a stylish closet that could somehow help me lessen my all time wonder. My very own version of every-girl-must-haves. I believe that every woman should own majority of these pieces to suit any occasion. Having the right essentials will save you from those last minute shopping, trips, hangout with friends, early morning frustrations or unplanned night out.

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Autumn Style Inspirations

Summer is leaving, Autumn is coming! We still have weeks to enjoy summer until we finally say hello to Autumn season. For my opinion, Autumn is the best season to get dressed — boots, sweaters, coats and everything. Bring them on!!! Time to bust out your best and most fashionable outfits!

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How to Get Rid of “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” Syndrome

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, you have set your plans and hangouts. You are a little bit excited and you’re wearing a big smile on your face. You walked into your closet and suddenly you realized and uttered “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” though you have plenty of clothes in your closet. No matter how much clothing you own, you’re always sick of having nothing to wear.

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If I Were A Boy

We all have items we love that just aren’t us. We can’t and won’t wear everything, but that doesn’t mean we cannot admire it! What would you wear if you wear another girl… or guy? —ifb

I’m always saying and thinking to myself that if I were a boy I’m probably one of the guys who has a skater sense of style. Tank top + colored jeans + russack bag + sneakers/combat boots + cap + outwear + skateboard = PARFAIT!

I will share you some ways to dress like a skater.

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