Fears and Frustrations

I’ve been experiencing mistreatments in the past weeks in the form of cyber bullying made by anonymous. I know most of you never heard about it because I chose to remain silent for some reasons. And it’s never an issue for me ever since. For everybody’s information, I’m the kind of person who never fights back. N-E-V-E-R, NEVER! For the meantime, I have to “off anon” to get rid of the harsh words that I’ve received since last week & to stop the anons from mislabelling me. Kindly be brave enough to show up yourself. I don’t bite, baby. I could talk to you in the nicest way I can.

I am open for criticisms. I’m informed that this society is full of judgmental people (not all). “Hey! You’re a failure!”, “You’re stupid!”. I know, right? You don’t have to say it to my face because I can discover it myself. But you know what’s worst? You are being judged according to your words, you are being criticized for a SINGLE mistake. I feel sorry for the people who are continuously bringing me down by sending “below the belt” hate notes. I really think about talking about this issue before I speak for myself. I don’t usually do this but I have to defend myself this time. I am not perfect, and so are you. There came a point in life when we accidentally commit mistakes and it’s normal. But for the unicorn’s sake, you don’t have to put someone down. Why don’t you just live your own life? This is me. This is how I dress up. This is how I want to live my life. Don’t label me! You don’t know the real me. By the way, I am also speaking in behalf of all the girls who are also being mistreated. Let’s stand up for ourselves. Don’t let other people bring you down & ruin your life. You are beautiful just the way you are. Fight for what you think is right. Live your life to the fullest!


But, seriously, I would also like to thank the bashers for wasting their precious time on me. Thanks for making me the center of your life. Lol. Peace be with you!!! God bless♥

6 thoughts on “Fears and Frustrations

    1. Laki ng LPU e. hahahaha. Jk. And stop ako this year. Biggest decision I’ve ever made. Haha. Anyway, You’ll know soon my dear :) Ingat ka rin & goodluck with your studies!

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