Back To Basics


Going back to blogging wasn’t easy. I asked myself a lot of times, “Are you sure you want to get back to blogging?”.



Top: H&M | Bottom: LEVI’S | Outwear: REDHEAD | Shoes: MEROMA | Bag: ARMANI | Sunglasses: RAYBAN


 I always get the same answer “I don’t know”. Last year, December 8 to be exact, I made a big decision — I closed my blog (made it private). Every single day, I got “This person wants to access your blog” email and I have no choice but to delete them. It was really a matter of life and death. This year, I found myself getting back to blogging. It was probably a big move. I decided to have my header changed, my signature changed. Everything! It was really hard. I have to use my HTML skills, update my sidebar, my About section, add new categories that would spice up my not-so-new blog. Going back to basics, it is. It’s like I’m starting to create a new blog again.

Why should I get back to blogging? Because I want to share my passion with everybody. I can say that I’m happier now. Maybe I just lack inspiration and motivation before and I made blogging my world. I just learned that I don’t need to stress myself because of blogging. It’s just a past time, not a thesis with a hell deadline. I learned to enjoy the beauty of blogging. I have no regrets that I made my blog public again :)

In connection with that, I decided to keep my style simple today. Neutral colors + minimal makeup. I have school today and I realized that I’ve been abusing the no dress code policy quite a lot. I feel so guilty, lol. So I tried to wear a pair of pants to school. Besides, I’m reserving my other clothes for summer. I really can’t wait, yah know! And I look so healthy. Hahaha! Actually, I am really healthy since I had my 1 month vacation in the Philippines.


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