Cat Goes Meow

The weather’s more bipolar than I am. The weather the other day’s too cold but yesterday’s too hot. What? But I love the weather yesterday. I had a reason to wear a very comfy shirt and skirt to school.



It’s time to show some skin, the sun is out and I want to get burned, literally. I love my morena skin color. I know, most girls want a fairer skin complexion but I want mine to be a little bit darker. Anyway, blogging isn’t easy especially when the weather changes from time to time. I just cleaned my closet the other day. I already kept my autumn/winter clothes then suddenly the weather changes AGAIN. But aside from that, I have experienced a lot of blogging problems including:

  1. LOCATION. I actually have two sets of shoot yesterday. Three actually. My brother and I can’t find a place to have my shoot. We had a not-so-long walk till we found the perfect place. My brother doesn’t want to repeat backgrounds as much as possible.
  2. BLOG TOPIC. Most of the time, I don’t know what to write and I’m totally blank. Good thing I saved myself from thinking for about an hour before I could write a single word in my post.
  3. CHOOSING PHOTOS. I have the best resident photographer ever! My brother always took lots of good photos of me. I just have to commend on his photography skills. It’s very had to choose what to attach, what not to attach. Of course I cannot attach everything or else my blog will look like an album. Haha.
  4. EDITING SKILLS. Some of my photos are dark, some are saturated, some are not. Sometimes I feel lazy to adjust its exposure, its brightness, highlights and shadows especially when I come home late and I’m eager to update my blog. Auto-adjust isn’t always a good idea so I have to manually do it. Uh.
  5. BATTLE OF HTML. I have this huge love for the Computer subject since I was elementary especially when HTML is the topic. I won’t deny that I have a little stock knowledge about HTML but it’s really hard to re-edit and customize my blog. I have this habit of re-designing my blog because I can’t really find the perfect template for my blog. Also, I have to pay to customize my blog so it’s harder for me to edit the whole look.
  6. BLOG LINKS. Since I am not a famous blogger, I have a fear of hatred. I mean some of my Facebook friends may be irritated about seeing my face most of the time with my blog post link to it. But if I didn’t share my photo, my stats won’t go up. Blogging takes risks. I also have to make my album public to drive more traffic.
  7. WHAT TO WEAR. Choosing something to wear isn’t really a problem for me anymore. I changed my line to “What shoes should I wear?”I always find it hard to choose a perfect shoes for my outfit. I’m actually craving for shoes since last week, sadly, I still can’t find the shoes that I like.

I think that’s all for now. It isn’t easy to grow a blog. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where I am today but sooner or later, I know it will be worth it :)

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