Speak A Little Louder

If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably knew that we went to Venice yesterday. Ahhhhh, I can’t breathe. Venice is indeed a beautiful city. I literally said “Oh, Venice!” yesterday.


Another set of outfit shots! 


Let me divert the topic to another topic since I will have a separate post about Venice. I chose a girly style to match the city’s loveliness. There’s a back story about my dress and everyone wouldn’t expect this. Kidding :p My dad was the one who actually picks that dress when we went shopping. He knows me too well!

Anyway, a floral dress is one of my summer picks and forever will be. Day by day, the world of fashion is changing slash evolving, but the floral print trend is timeless and has come subtle. It looks very stylish even without accessories on. On the other hand, I paired my floral dress with my nude flatforms — height-without-pain shoes. Phong Luu written in Fashion Telegraph, “a hybrid of a shoe with the Goliathan height of platforms but the comfort of flatties.” That’s actually very true to think that we roamed around the city of Venice yet it didn’t cause me any pain. It’s like I’m just wearing a pair of flats. Awesome! Floral dress + flatforms is my favorite summer ensemble so far. Oh well then, see you on my next post? :) Spread the love!

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