Too Sassy For You

After almost a week, I am back! I was very busy last week that I have no time to blog. I missed everyone!



Top: H&M | Bottom: LEVI’S | Outwear: TERRANOVA | Shoes: SUPERGA |

Eyewear: RAYBAN

DSC_0562DSC_0570DSC_0563DSC_0567 We’re always out fixing/renewing some papers. Nothing’s up with my life lately except the fact that I’m getting so addicted to Clash Of Clans. Yup, you read it right. Haha! My best friend brought me to COC and now I can’t stop playing the game. And also, I’M ALWAYS PIGGING OUT. That’s pretty normal though :p  I should end my quick post here. I still can’t promise that I would be active next week because I still have a lot of things to finish. *sigh*

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