Who Dat Hipstah

“Finally, a new blog post”, this is probably my favorite line at the moment. You all know that I am not a full-time blogger but I believe some of you (my regular readers) are looking forward to reading my new post.

Top: CULTURE | Bottom: MOTIVI | Eyewear: RAY-BAN | Socks: H&M | Belt: GUESS


I am torn between blogging and drifting away from it these days. I don’t like taking photos of my ootd these days because I just discovered that I gained a lot of weight during the summer — which you could clearly see in the photos — and most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. Like I am so sad about it. My brother gained weight too, we are getting fat together :p That’s a serious matter, please don’t laugh at us. Lol. Of course, I’m just kidding. Story long short, I’m camera shy coz I look so bloated. Now that it’s officially autumn/fall, I decided to get back in shape so I could wear my old clothes again. Salad diet, it is! No more but-s and excuses. Btw, I channeled a hipster look yesterday because I’m feeling like a hipstah!!! Toodles! Xx

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