It Plays On

Last Saturday, a friend invited me for a night out. I only have few friends here in Italy but I seldom go out with them. So when my new friend invited me to go out, I didn’t hesitate to come, I gave it a try.



Top: TERRANOVA | Skort: bazaar | Bag: GENEVIEVE GOZUM | Outwear: BERSHKA


To tell you honestly, I panicked a little bit since it’s my first time to go on a ‘night out’. I mean, with friends. I don’t know what to wear. Haha! For goodness’ sake, I know how to dress according to the occasion but I was still pressured – I don’t want to dress down nor overly dressed. I thought of combining something semi-formal and something casual. Talking about playing safe :p I ended up with an origami skirt and a jersey tees ensemble plus booties and a leather jacket to complete the whole look! I didn’t wear any accessories. Done! I guess I survived the whole night. Lol. And I met new friends! Yaaaas! Saturday night was indeed fun!

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