Faux Fur & Altered Jumpsuit

Am I too late for a Holiday post? Here’s another look channeling my altered jumpsuit & faux fur coat, my aunt had given me.

Last Christmas, I went on a last minute shopping with my brother and a friend. The stores were about to close and we rushed like pros. I didn’t even had a chance to try the jumpsuit on me. Unfortunately, I got the wrong size. I got a bigger size. I was panicking that night because the stores were closed the other day. Thankfully, mom was a girl scout, she altered my jumpsuit. Moms are always the best-est!
Anyway, I wore a backless jumpsuit, as if it’s not winter — with a negative-degree temperature. Lol. I was actually (really) aiming for this look for Christmas and I’m glad I achieved the style I wanted. Simple but classy.

This is supposedly a Christmas post but since I still have no laptop, my post didn’t make it on time. I guess it’s not too late for a Holiday post :p How are you guys doing?

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