The Ultimate Blogging Binder

“The Blogging Binder is absolutely wonderful! I started using it the day I received it and love it…” –Robin O’Neal Smith,

“OMG, The Ultimate Blogging Binder is awesome! I’m going to use it every day!” –Janet Ferrante,

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to Blogger Babes for sending me a gift, The Ultimate Blogging Binder! According to Ponn & Heidi, one of the keys to blogging success is keeping everything organized. I’m so glad I finally have a blog organizer for free. I tend to juggle school and blog stuff/schedule in one planner, and it confuses me. With the help of this complete set of printables, it could make blogging easier for me and keep track of things that I want to write about. 

My favourite part of the binder is the “Snazzy Blog Post Title Cheat Sheet”. Seriously speaking, I often spend half an hour thinking of a blog post title :p Also I can’t wait to try the “Before I Publish This Post Checklist”. I can’t wait to try every page of the organizer. Yay! Lucky me!

Btw, here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside the binder!


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