Ways To Mix and Match Colours

I’m obviously taking a break from the usual black and white ensemble. It’s almost 30 degrees out here in Italy since it’s nearly summer, and I’m back to adding some colours to my style palette again.

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to match one colour to another. It could really be confusing. But the good thing is, mixing colours is not a talent, it’s a skill that can be learned. We’re getting the basics down first.

1. Colour Wheel. Remember when your grade school teacher asked you to get your crayons and make a colour wheel (from the primary colours to the secondary and tertiary colours)? When you cry because you don’t know how to make one, or you don’t understand what is that wheel for? It’s about time to thank your teacher because the wheel will be your best friend from now on. If you know the wheel, it will be easier for you to mix and match colours.

2. All in the Family. Pastel to pastel, earth colours to earth colours, neutrals to neutrals, and etc. Family should stay as a family. They always look good together.

3. Complementary. Colours that are directly across from each other, the “opposite.” According to some article, the most bold combination of all time. A combination that creates “pop.”

4. Monochrome Zone. The simplest but the hardest combination to pull off. Sometimes, we are afraid to wear one colour in an outfit because it might look ridiculous. With the help of saturation, tint, or shade, it will be easier for us to combine pieces together.

5. Base It On The Print. Base the colour that you will pair on the print’s colours.

Those are just some. Don’t be afraid to add some colours to your wardrobe. Black-and-white is a classic combo but it could also be a little boring sometimes. So why not try new colour combinations? Start rocking some colours!

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