5 Things My First Heartbreak Has Taught Me

We all experience having a heartbreak. It’s something that I struggle with even before the actual breakup had happened. Imagine mending all the broken pieces while you’re still inside the relationship and moving on even you’re still committed.


I kept on reminding myself that I can get through it. But still, going through my first heartbreak was never something I was prepared for though I knew even before that it’s not working anymore. An emotional roller-coaster ride hit me hard. I’m hurt, I’m angry, I feel numb, I feel lonely, I feel that I wasn’t good enough for anyone. The worst part is trying to pretend that everything is okay when it’s really not. I forgot who I was & had shed a lot of tears. It had been so long yet never did I realized that my first heartbreak has taught me a lot, and I feel the need of sharing it with you.


1. YOU ARE STRONG. Battling with the struggle of having no good morning & good night messages sucks. But you have to learn how to continue on without them around anymore. Of course, you will miss them but you can’t allow yourself to grieve all the time. Now you have to remember that you need to be better for yourself. Eventually you’ll realize how strong you are.


2. YOU’RE WORTH EVERY SINGLE THING ON EARTH. I felt like I wasn’t good enough and worthy of anyone loving me & felt like it was all my fault. What I am slowly learning is that I am worth every little thing in this world. I am good enough.


3. LOVE IS NOT EVERYTHING. Love alone is really not enough. Need I say more?


4. YOU WILL CHANGE AND IT’S FINE. “After going through a painful breakup, you’re never the same person that you were in the beginning. You become stronger, know what you want, and won’t settle for anything less (#girlbossstatus)” -thehautemess. When your heart breaks it literally feels like it shatters. All your mindset changes after getting through the pain. Don’t let the pain scare you, make it a motivation.


5. YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO LOVE AGAIN. As they may say, “it takes a strong heart to love, but it takes even a stronger heart to love after it’s been hurt.” Allow yourself to be happy again. Never close your heart & never let the fear and anger eat you. Give love a chance. No matter how long, or how sudden, you will learn how to love again.




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