15 Essential Items For A Theme Park Visit

What am I going to wear?”, the ultimate question every girl encounters before any trip. We tend to think about our outfits; of course, we want to feel comfortable but still, in style. We’re scheduled to travel to a theme park later. Yup, it’s already 3 something in the morning and I’m still up. Join me as I take a minute to think beyond what to wear, and talk about what to bring. Game?

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Who doesn’t want to enter a theme park without his/her bag on? We all do! But if we are planning to stay in the park for hours, carrying a bag with you with (most of) these items is a must!

  1. MONEY & SMALL WALLET. This is really basic and important. Just bring a small wallet so it won’t be a big hassle for you to carry it in your bag.
  2. PORTABLE CHARGER. I’m sure you’ll scream when your phone dies. Better yet, bring a power bank with you!
  3. A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES (if it’s sunny). You don’t want to be blinded by the sun, right? I also recommend bringing cheap sunnies, because it’s likely that you might lose or damage them in the park.
  4. CAMERA. It’s the best to seize the moment but of course you also want to photograph memories. In my case, I brought my instant camera with me & DLSR (for blogging). Also, make sure it has enough space.
  5. EXTRA BATTERY for the DSLR, just in case it dies. And EXTRA FILM for the Instax.
  6. COLOGNE. Putting colognes feels really really refreshing. Can I just tell you that? Never forget to bring a little bottle.
  7. HAIR ELASTICS to put your hair up. Some attractions could make your hair tangled.
  8. WATER. To keep you hydrated, of course.
  9. BANDAIDS. In case you’ll have blisters.
  10. SUNSCREEN. Remember that most of the attractions are outdoors, don’t forget to pack and reapply sunscreen often.
  11. WATERPROOF PHONE CASE. So you could protect your phone from getting damaged or broken.
  12. WET WIPES. Staying a little longer outside could feel a little sticky and uncomfortable. Washing your hands is ideal, but not practical. Having some wipes with you is very important.
  13. EXTRA CLOTHES. You might get wet in the water rides. And it’s a little miserable walking around in wet clothes.
  14. MINTS / SNACKS. Waiting in a long line could make you starve. Don’t forget to bring something to eat.
  15. YOURSELF. Just bring yourself and enjoy the rest of your stay at the park! ;)

See you in my next post!


“Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble.” -Proverbs 3:23

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