King Of Me

Played with the newest style update — STATEMENT BOMBER — to the event I’ve been patiently and excitedly waiting for since last month!

Romper and Bomber: BERSHKA | Sneakers: NIKE

After a month of trying to hold on my excitement, the day has finally arrived. I’m going to see THE CHAINSMOKERS!!! Just making a quick post before I get to see them face to face. I’m kinda chilling and freezing; excited, and a bit worried about the classes I’m going to miss. I just don’t know how would I feel right now. I mean, this is a chance of a lifetime that I shouldn’t miss (I think I’m overreacting a little). Anyway, I’m setting aside all the school stuff, deadlines, and the lessons that I have to catch for now, and just enjoy the moment. I’m really dying to see The Chainsmokers, and I’m so glad I’m going to see them in a few with the best people in my life. Some of their music actually became our “friendship song.” (I know I sounded so high school). Ahhh I can’t wait to sing to every lyrics live and party. Life’s about enjoying and making the most of it. So I’m trying to grab every opportunity I have, and everything I could possibly attend or do while I’m young and free; and before responsibilities come in the way. Who doesn’t want to enjoy and experience life, right?

What I’m wearing to the said concert: I’m wearing an all black romper to keep it looking classy; over it, is a statement bomber jacket in velvet for a pinch of elegance; completing them with a pair of sneakers for some street style touch; and accessorizing the whole outfit with a choker.

Concert updates on my snapchat: @faebulouslyhotand maybe also on my instagram stories: @faemaaliw. A blog post, and a video diary will surely be up soon. Stay tuned!


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