by Darcy Flores


It took a while for Darcy and I to come up with a new collaboration. For everybody’s information, he is a good friend of mine, who’s much more into fashion than I am. In this blog post, I wore Darcy Flores. I’ve always been drawn to more polished and classy style since I was a little girl, and I really liked to dress up from time to time. Glad that I had the opportunity to wear one of my favorite styles, of course, with the help of my friend’s creation, a romantic fashion trend: the lace jacket.

Sooner or later, summer will end, and we’ll welcome the fall season. Here’s my pre-fall ootd styled by Darcy himself. This mullet lace outwear is one of the fashion staples every girl should have by their 20s. Sheer and lace basically looked very romantic and sweet that is perfect to wear during the day and even in the night; and in any occasion pairing it with the right garments and accessories. It goes along with every style you choose to wear.  I dare to bare in lace and sheer; balancing it with an achromatic color garment that is meant to be seen underneath; it sure complemented my tan skin.

I liked my whole outfit! It’s refreshing and very different from what I usually wore. Thanks to the man behind it, Darcy. What do you guys think?


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