My Christmas 2017 Wishlist

The most special time of the year is here again! Gifts under the Christmas tree are exchanged, lights all over the world and families are gathered around. Since Christmas is around the corner, making a wish list has become a routine for me every year. To be honest, the older I get, the less material things I desire; and it actually took me a while to make this list because I really can’t think of anything, but I ended up listing 10 :) It was just like yesterday when I used to write letters to Santa listing all the things I want & saying that I have been good all year; and then hang a Christmas sock so that Santa Claus could leave a little gift for me when he arrives with his reindeers (believing that Santa really brought it for me). How I miss those days. Anyway, here’s my wish list, in case you’re reading my post, Santa Claus :) Not posting this list to give hints to my loved ones to wrap these for me in boxes, but to actually remind myself to work hard and get these for myself.

  1. RED PUFFER JACKET. I swear a puffer jacket is the most comfortable piece ever for winter season. It’s like I brought my comforter with me. I got one last year in black, and this time I want to go for a pop of color to warm up the gloomy weather.
  2. CAMERA STABILIZER. I recently brought myself a new (mirrorless) camera for my blog, vlogs, and future travels. I really want to have a camera stabilizer because my hands tend to be shaky when shooting things and it’s a bit difficult to get a stable shot.
  3. WIDE-ANGLE LENS / MACRO LENS / ZOOM LENS. I want to invest in good camera equipments for blog purposes.
  4. PLANE TICKET TO ANYWHERE. I really want to travel and explore the world, but I still have no time to do it, and I still don’t have enough savings since I just started working a few months ago. But I’m eager to see and discover every place I’ve never been to. I actually booked myself a flight to somewhere early next year, so I’d consider this checked already. But again, Santa, if you’re reading my post, a plane ticket to anywhere will do :p
  6. KATE SPADE AGENDA. I already bought myself an agenda, but I still want the fancy planner of Kate Spade.
  8. CHLOÉ PERFUME. One of my fave scents.

That’s just basically what’s on my list and it’s really not important if I won’t get myself any of it because those are just material things. Christmas is a time for love, joy and celebration, better yet spend, celebrate and enjoy it with my loved ones; that’d be the greatest and the most priceless gift ever. Happy Holidays everyone! :)


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