Faebulous Story is Back!

Here I am, writing another “comeback” post after a very long time. I don’t even know how many comeback posts I’ve written already, and when was the last time I “really” come back. Truth is, I kind of had some sort of a problem with my website, to the point that I almost lost everything.

When I transferred my blog to a self-hosted site, I was so sure of what I really want to do, and of the commitment I have engaged myself into. But after a year, I decided to move back to a normal blog with a paid domain because this web host provider, where I’ve registered, was costing me TOO MUCH. I tried to transfer it to another hosting site, but the process wasn’t easy. Moving from one thing to another isn’t a good idea at all. I lost my followers, my readers, and that’s when my world crashed into a million pieces I have never imagined. To be honest, I felt upset. Really upset. I don’t know how would I start again. I was disappointed & lost & unhappy & I don’t know what to do to. That’s when I almost let go of one of the most important things in my life, my blog.

Not that I care about the number of people following my blog, but I just felt that all the sweat and blood and tears that I have poured into this blog during the first years of my blogging career were gone to nothing… and that everything that I’ve worked hard for, for 6 years, were lost in just one second. My blog’s statistics went back to zero as well. I lost motivation and hope. I was so close to turning my blog down until I realized that I can’t. I remember when one of my online friends told me to never ever let go of Faebulous Story because it will always be a part of who am I. I felt that. I will forever remember and cherish those beautiful words.

This blog is an extension of myself. I mean, this is where I express myself, tell my story and share my world. I still read my old posts, and reading them makes me happy & sad at the same time. I am happy that I was able to write them all; but I am sad because while reading them, I realized that I lost that fire, that eagerness and passion to write. I made this blog for myself a few years back, but my readers pushed me so hard to continue writing. I will forever thank each and every one of you, supportive and loyal readers, for that.

Nevertheless, on the bright side, this very long hiatus made me get to know myself more and discover so many things. I literally lived the life and still living the life to the fullest. From unplanned trips and bookings to spontaneous decisions, to getting my first ever tattoo (and second… third… fourth… and fifth lol) and all. I also learned how to love myself more and take care of myself (maybe I’ll write a separate post for that). I actually learned so much in a span of 7 months and I love it.

To be fair, I consider this break as one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I mean, everyone deserves to stop or pause for a while because social media could be so stressful and exhausting. Anyway, I just want to thank you all for always believing in me, and for your endless support. I will forever thank you for that. I can’t believe that I am able to get so lucky.

So I guess I will be flooding this blog with a series of posts to give you a little update during my “off days.” Stay tuned! The next posts will be all about my travels since I had a few spontaneous little trips this year. Cheers!


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