Meet the Blogger


“A fashion design graduate, personal style blogger, fashion devotee, and stylist wannabe rolled into one.”

Fae Maaliw is a pure Filipina, who’s currently residing in Italy. She’s Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Administration graduate; and she also got her second degree in Fashion Design.

She came out of her shell and discovered her love for fashion when she was still a little. She started dressing up and styling on her own when she entered grade school. Styling is her past time and is the most exciting and fun thing for her. She’s a stylist wannabe and she’s also fond of sketching gowns and dresses.

She always wants to sings her heart out, and loves to play piano and guitar and ukulele when she has nothing to do. Music is her first love and without it, her life would be a bore.

Fae loves to explore new things. She is really passionate about a lot of things, a simple dreamer who believes that someday she could chase all her dreams.

Join her as she share her world to everyone. Enjoy the blog!

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