The Art Of Christmas Gifting with KIPLING

One of my favorite seasons is here again... it's CHRISTMAS season! I remember when I was still a little girl, I always get excited to wake up on a Christmas morning to check if Santa granted what I've wished for. I always get excited over seeing my name on a box and unwrapping them. I mean, who … Continue reading The Art Of Christmas Gifting with KIPLING

Back To Work in Style with KIPLING

Summer is coming to an end. Gone are the beach days and the vacation days; and I'm getting closer and closer to facing the real world. As they may say, real life begins after you graduate. To tell you honestly, I am still not ready for it, but since a very good opportunity knocked I … Continue reading Back To Work in Style with KIPLING

I am a RoseGal

Since the weather is still hot and humid here, I'm still hyped to wear some summery pieces, including this cute top RoseGal has sent me! There's something about the floral trend and demure pales that make them look good together. They really have a chemistry! Top: ROSEGAL | Shorts: LEVI'S | Necklace: H&M | Shoes: SUBDUED | Watch: … Continue reading I am a RoseGal