Style Files: Fae Maaliw on Candy Magazine

My friend, Anne, posted something on my facebook wall, and I found out that it’s about me being featured to CandyMag. I haven’t checked the site for so long and I have no idea that I will be featured in Style Files.


I visited and checked CandyMag immediately and I feel hoity-toity when I saw my photo labeled as the “IT Girl of the Week”. Like OMG! Are you serious? Me? IT Girl? I just died.


Being featured in a site is really flattering. I’m so grateful to see myself on the web. I can’t say anything but wow, its really me. I know it is just a little thing but for me it’s big. It’s an opportunity, especially for a dreamer like me. I have never entitled as an “IT Girl” (at least my friends) since I started outfit posting. According to the web “It girl” is a term for a young woman who possesses the quality “It”, absolute attraction. It is a girl that EVERYONE wants to be. A trend-setting woman with a ton of self-confidence and self-worth that sets the example of how to have it all, and look good doing it. 

When I read that statement, I said to myself “Am I really one of those IT girls they are talking about?” “Do I deserve the title?”. I’m so speechless to the point that I can’t organize my thoughts. There’s a lot of words in my mind but I can’t construct a sentence. Haha! I guess you can see how happy I am today. Happy end-of-the-world-kuno to me! If the world would end at 11:59PM today, I would be the happiest person in this planet! Teehee. It’s really an honor to be a part of the CandyMag Style Files. See here

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who always encourage me to chase my dreams. Without them, I will not be as brave and confident as I am today.


On the other hand, being exposed to social media leads to more criticism and negative feed backs.  However, it will make us more confident enough to face judgments and fight for ourselves. The bottom line is just keep your feet off the ground, be yourself and stand up for something you believe in. Dream on!


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