Pretty Girl Rock


Top: Stripes Long Sleeves from the bazaar in Nuvali | Bottom: Skirt Jumper | Footwear: Neon Patent 8-hole Boots

I miss making outfit post, so I asked my mom to take a picture of me. Teehee. I know I have no good shots today. I’m so ugly. Haha! Anyway, my outfit is very good for the weather. It was raining and very windy today. I was wearing flat shoes when my boots arrived, and so I wore the boots instead. Changing is good sometimes. Especially when it’s for the better :p Btw, I’m so in love with my shoes♥♥♥ Like I want to sleep with it. Haha. No, I’m kidding.

So we went to the hospital today then Walter. And we watched A Secret Affair. The lines can kill. Haha! You better watch it as soon as you can. That’s just all for today. Be safe and hugs for everyone!

Hype my look here

A Secret Affair trailer

5 thoughts on “Pretty Girl Rock

  1. Very nice. I like it. Filipino women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Filipino women, you know? I mean, Filipino women are thin and small. OK, some Western guys complain about too skinny Filipino ladies but they are beautiful. What else do you need from a girl?

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