Shine Bright Like A Gold


I have this mannerism of smiling everytime I am taking photos of anybody (though I am not the subject, though I am the photographer. Hahaha!) This photo appeared to be a mirror shot but this was taken by my block mate.


Dress: Peplum Romper from Singapore (a gift from my cousin) | Shoes: Leopard Lace-up Booties from Primadonna | Jewelry: Necklace & Bracelet from bazaar | Watch: Leather & Gold from Dolce and Gabbana | Bag: Sling bag from Genevieve Gozum (a gift from my cousin)


How to make a plain dress look elegant? Accessorize! Accessories could really add glamour to your look. When you’re on simple clothes, just wear accessories with it and an amazing transformation will happen. Talking about the power of accessories: It can turn you to a chic, stylish, stunning and dashing lady.

I had a lunch date today with some of my college friends at Tosca in Dusit Thani (another blog post for that). It’s just funny how my accessories matches with the hotel’s color and theme! Lol. Btw, the title of my outfit post was inspired by Rihanna’s song, Diamonds. But since I’m overloaded with gold accessories, I changed the DIAMOND to GOLD.I’ve been LSS with it for weeks now and my favorite line is “Shine Bright Like A Diamonds♫♫♫“, ’cause that’s the only lyrics I could remember. Haha!

Let’s all shine bright like diamonds & golds & glitters & whatsoever this 2013! We only have 3 days left before another year! How do you find my outfit today? Hype it here :)


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