Autumn Leaves

I guess I'm falling in love with Autumn especially when the trees let the leaves fall. I always make random scenarios in my mind like the trees let go of the leaves and set them free so they can dance in the cozy weather and have fun. Ha! My mind is that playful, I make … Continue reading Autumn Leaves


I've been LSS to Clarity by Zedd since Sunday. My beau's cousin and sister requested for a cover and until now, the lyrics are still on my mind. I've been listening to it over and over and singing it a hundred of times. I just wanted to share with you my sympathy.. I'm feeling sad … Continue reading Clarity

Closet Tour

Every girl has her own way of sorting the clothes in her closet. Today, I am going to share with you my special space. I finally had the guts to share with you what's inside my closet. Come with me and let's explore my paradise :) And yes, I have an orange cabinet due to … Continue reading Closet Tour

The Cold Is Warmth

We had ran some errands today: filed residency, inquired & registered to scuola di lingua, did some a little grocery and went to the hospital for something. It was cold outside, indeed! Staying warm during frigid weather is a hardship. Great thing I made the best decision to wear a lana-cloth dress—and it really gives a … Continue reading The Cold Is Warmth


I am so in love with the camouflage trend! There are so many ways to wear the trend, and today I paired it with lace bustier, high-waisted denim shorts, high socks and combat boots.I found this outwear amazing. Aside from the strong image the camo print creates, it gives a very chic look. My camo … Continue reading Halycon