What If…


Some people do not understand the way I dress. They think I just seek for everybody’s attention, that I dress to impress and that I do this to gain everyone’s photo likes. But what if styling is really what like? And fashion is really what I love? What if this is where I could express my thoughts and myself? What if styling is really my passion?


Top: Sleveless Top from bazaar | Bottom: Denim Pants from Penshoppe | Shoes: Oxford Heels from Primadonna | Bag: Sling Bag from Genevieve Gozum


This world is full of judgmental people. Claim it or not, it is a fact. I don’t need to explain myself to other people. What you see is what I am & who you see is who I am. I don’t need to hide myself through wearing something that doesn’t define the real me. I don’t need to be a replica of others. I don’t need to be somebody because I, myself, am another somebody. I may not be beautiful but at least I am real.

Happy Saturday, my dear readers! :)

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