Autumn Style Inspirations

Summer is leaving, Autumn is coming! We still have weeks to enjoy summer until we finally say hello to Autumn season. For my opinion, Autumn is the best season to get dressed — boots, sweaters, coats and everything. Bring them on!!! Time to bust out your best and most fashionable outfits!

Each season has its perks, but others love autumn so much and I don’t know why. Maybe because I’ve never experienced Autumn in my whole life. Lol. And my thoughts about Autumn? Just as cold as during rainy days in the Philippines. Also, it is the time when you can turn off your air conditioners & fans (still you can leave your heaters off), just open your windows and feel the cool breeze. Those are just a wild guess made by my playful mind. I hope I got it right though. Lol. Well, maybe it depends.

As I browse the internet yesterday, autumn/fall outfits are everywhere, so I thought of finding some style inspirations. I selected a few—the best-est for me. I’ve compiled some styles that will work in any autumn/fall time.

I picked different styles: boho, hippie, girly, skater, elegant and such. I mentioned before that I don’t stick to one style. My outfit always depends on either my mood or the occassion.

I still want to wear short shorts and mini skirts during cold days since my bottoms are my best friends. I seldom wear pants, I feel uncomfortable (I think I mentioned that before) but I need to get used to wearing them. I guess stockings and leggings will be my new best friends this coming season. Lol.


I also picked an outfit that can be worn whether it is hot or cold. The weather these days are unpredictable. Nobody can tell. I chose the safest outfits, in case. When the weather is unstable, it’s best to wear an outwear. Layer your clothing so that if you get hot, you can always peel the layers away. Don’t let the weather cramp your style. Think of unique ways on how you could have a dual-purpose style in an outfit.


Now here are my favorites. Lovely girls rock my camera roll. I just love how they carry themselves through different styles. Stunning, elegant & confident — that’s the spirit! They are my major inspirations.


Credits to the owner of the photos. Just grabbed them from weheartit.

How do you find my inspirations? How about you? What/Who is your style inspiration?

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