Collection 101: SUNNIES

I really love collecting adorbs! Can you tell? :p I have lots of collections and one of those are sunglasses. I still have lots in the Philippines.  I just have my favorites with me and the rest were left in the Philippines since I don’t have much luggage space. Sad. But anyway, what’s your relationship with sunglasses? I personally like sunglasses and always crave to have a new piece of them.  They may be great fashion accessories but sunglasses are of extreme importance when it comes to maintaining good eye health. It could protect your eyes from the sun and dust as well.  It gives comfort, protection and a statement at the same time. So today, I’m going to share with you my sunnies collection.


First and foremost, my Ray-Ban sunnies collection: Jackie Ohh II (upper left), Wayfarer (upper right), Aviator (lower left) and Clubmaster (lower right)

I don’t personally buy them. Those are gifts from my uncle. Yes, all of them. DSC_0444

H&M sunnies collectionDSC_0447

Other brands: upper left glasses from Forever21, upper right glasses from Mint, Lower glasses from TerranovaDSC_0449

I am really addicted to every piece of them! Some women are addicted to shoes, to make-ups, to bags, to clothes, to accessories and I’m addicted to everything I mentioned. Haha. Kidding. But, yah, I admit a little obsessed with everything — one is sunglasses. Ahhh I want more! They’re all gorgeous!DSC_0452

Are you addicted to sunglasses? What is/are your favorites? :)

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