What’s In My Travel Makeup Kit?

I’m not really a fan of makeup. I don’t apply any makeup. BUT… That was before college, before I became a CITHM student — when it wasn’t required to put makeup at all. I’m still not a fan of makeup though. I mean I’m not obsessed with it. I still could go out of the house without anything. I don’t use foundation for a year now because I’m allergic. I often go with brows and mascara (or brows alone and I just learned putting them last year, still can’t do it perfectly).

 Admit it or not, makeup enhances one’s beauty. Of course, girls are better off without makeup but eventually, we’ll be needing the help of makeup. So today I’m sharing what’s inside my travel makeup kit. I actually have 3 cosmetic pouches — a pouch full of lipsticks, a pouch for brushes and a travel pouch.


What’s inside my kit?


Bench Facial Absorbent Paper. It’s very helpful especially if you have an oily skin like mine. I tend to get oily by afternoon and instead of using a powder, I use facial absorbent paper instead. It’s truly absorbing.

H&M Bronzer. I discovered the bronzing powder few months ago and it really does the trick!

Maybelline Makeup Remover. Sometimes I find it hard to remove my makeup especially my mascara so I use a remover instead. It instantly and effectively removes all eye & lip makeup. (You could also use a lotion)

H&M Mini Blush Brush

H&M Lip Balm

Mascara Guide. Got it from a Chinese store. I’m not good at putting mascaras especially in my lower eyelashes. It’s funny how it could help me a lot. Great invention!

Essence Mascara. It’s a volume slash waterproof mascara. It’s good but I’m still eye-ing for Maybelline’s Volume Cat Eyes mascara because according to my cousin, it’s perfect. It goes out of stock in the Philippines and I can’t find it here in Italy. Online, maybe?

H&M Blush. I actually got the wrong shade. Lol. But it’s okay though. I seldom use blush anyway.

H&M Highlighter Powder. I got it a few days ago. I actually use a highlighter stick from KIKO but it doesn’t really compliment my skin color so I bought a highlighter powder instead.

H&M Eyebrow Shadow.  It comes with three shades. I just use ’em in case my eyebrow pencil got blunt.

H&M For Audrey Lippie. My new favorite!

Bond no. 9 (I Love New York) & Kate Spade (Live Colorfully) Perfumes. They’re just new in my kit! Those are samples. I have too many samples. Lol. I love it because I don’t have to carry my bigger perfume bottles with me anymore.

Maybelline Gel Liner & Brush. The one I’m using for almost a year.

Nichido Eyebrow Pencil. My favorite! I discovered it through my mom.

Eyebrow Shaper

Shaka Brushes. Very handy and convenient!

Most of them are from H&M because it’s cheaper but very very good. I swear! Okay, so that’s all. How about you? What’s in your travel makeup kit? Share it below! Spread the love :)

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Travel Makeup Kit?

  1. Unfortunately I haven’t got the chance to buy any makeup from H&M but everyone always says good things about their stuff :) I think we’d all be better off without makeup, but it’s like a drug – once you start you juat want more and more and can’t live without it. It’s the guilty pleasure of women :) Have a fun weeken Fae! Xoxo

    1. Their bronzer’s my fave & lipsticks :) Yes, of course we all do. Haha! I know right? I’m addicted to collecting lipsticks. OMG! Hihi. Have fun too!

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