Food: Vanilla Cupcake

Welcome to my first ever food post! This is not the typical food blog post wherein the blogger gives the recipe — because I just copied the whole procedure from the internet :p Let me just feed you with photos. My photography skills are improving actually. Loljk. The camera is just good. Okay, here you go!











Oh lovely!!! I’m so happy! It was my first time to try baking (of course with the help of my mom). Since I am a Management major, I haven’t experienced baking. It wasn’t perfect especially the frosting but it’s very tasty, though. Well according to my brother, my dad, my uncle and my auntie :p Not bad for a first timer!

My mom and I had fun working together. We experienced some problems but we handled it anyway. I don’t know if I mentioned in my About section that one of my dream businesses is a pastry shop. My best friend and I used to plan for a coffee-pastry business way back in first year college. She loves coffee and I love pastries. It’s just funny how time goes by in the wink of an eye.

Yay! I can’t wait to bake more cupcakes. I hope I could make NY cheesecakessssss soon! Made the s-es bold because I love cheesecakes. I’m in love! Cheers to baking! Cheers to more cupcakes and cakes! Cheers!!! Oops, sorry I’m just excited :p

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