Electric Feel

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My brother and I were left at home. Yeah, it was another boring afternoon. I wanna go out but my brother doesn’t want to. I was just lying in bed, reading some blogs but that was before I freak out because my iPad run out of battery while I was at the middle of re-watching Gossip Girl. How annoying was that? I’m getting addicted to it AGAIN. So I came up with the idea of having indoor shots since I need something for my blog. We thought the shoot would be another “Expectation vs Reality” shoot but it wasn’t. I love everything including my hair, and my natural skin color. For the first time, the flash didn’t ruin the photo. Omg omg!!!!!! Oops sorry, I’m so hyper! I tried to pull off a not-so-badass look again. Ha! Actually, I don’t have anything to say, maybe you just wanna listen to one of my favorite songs, Electric Feel – Henry Green (Gespleu Downcast Edit). My playlist is kinda Indie right now. I mean, they’re great! Oh okay, I really don’t have anything on my mind right now. Have a special day!

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