Looking Back


I can’t think of anything to blog about so let me share something you might not know about me. It’s worth a space in my blog so…

Exactly 2 years ago, I’m not sure if some of you have read my blog before (let me include the link in case you want to read), I finished a 2-year course. I graduated AIHM-HRA,and then I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree of the same course I am taking. I completed my 3rd year in college, my on-the-job training but sadly, I didn’t make it to my last year. You have no idea how I wanted to graduate this year. I’m only left with two semesters but I also have to choose between the petition or my last year in college. The moment the petition came out of the picture, I didn’t have second thoughts. Who doesn’t want to be with her family? With the whole family? Together? The thing is, fate could be a little playful sometimes. One more year and I’m graduating yet it didn’t happened that way. But I believe God has a better plan. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. I will go back on the right time, I will finish what I’ve started. I’ll just have to accept things and live life. This is not the end.

To my dearest friends.. Wait! Before you read this post, kindly play THIS. You need a background music. Haha! I said to myself that I won’t watch your graduation but I can’t help but look at how beautiful and handsome you are on your & my supposed to be “special day”. Omg. I’m actually watching while I’m typing this. I can’t express how proud I am that you made it guys! I may sound too cheesy & dramatic but my college years won’t be fun without you. Without Meng whom I could share everything with, my fashion buddy, my forever boyfraaand (yas, boyfie, lol), my best friend since the day I stepped into college till now; without Justin who’s always putting me on fire but always ending up being caught by his own trick; without Aljon who I’m always with when we have night classes, projects, my friend even before college; without Jom who saved me from my first year dilemmas; without Paolo & Ayah, who understands me when it comes to music & became my music buddies; without Rj who always make fun of my laugh, my way of speaking esp. when I’m answering my phone; without Lyxen, who became one of my girlfriends; without my HRA dash one family who always believe in what I can and always putting me in the spotlight. Why are you graduating without me? :( Why didn’t you wait for me? Well you all say I am the good one (wow, big word) & could you please define “good” for me please. Haha. No, I just don’t get why. I mean, is that because I am a long tempered person that you haven’t even seen me mad for the past years? Is that because I am a happy person? Is that because I know how to break rules but don’t dare try breaking one? Oh well, most of the time. But seriously, I don’t know, really. But thank you for seeing me as me. Okay, look guys. I didn’t make it to retreat so let me take this opportunity to have my own. Haha. Ahhh!! We’ve seen each other grow, we’ve experienced almost everything we haven’t experienced — lateS, cheating arrangements, sleeping in class; the whole class ditched NSTP class on Valentine’s day; Meng, Trishia, Allen, Agatha & I attended BusMath class DRUNK way back in first year first semester (haha, omg, sorry mom & dad) but still, we managed to take and pass the quiz; we’ve ditched a lot of school activities; experienced party-ing at the bar for the first time; strolling around Calamba at 4 in the morning looking for something to eat; having drinks when we have no class and all. Ha! Believe it or not, froshie year wasn’t always the pa-good / conservative year. I know, right? We’ve experienced most of the things we haven’t experienced when we were in first year. Guess college years won’t be fun without troubles, eh? YOLO! But don’t freak out, I didn’t lost anything EXCEPT my sleep because of school papers (and thank goodness I still don’t lose it, iykwim). I’m pretty sure I have everything under control especially my studies! I will thank you forever for everything! I love you guys! Congratulations my dear friends. You’re officially unemployed! Cheers to friendship!


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