Bohemian Country Girl

I said I wouldn’t have an OOTD shoot today but I can’t help it, I love to dress up and I love blogging :) Today, I tried a style that I have never ever tried, country style!



Top: SISLEY | Bottom: ALCOTT | Outwear: H&M | Shoes: L.B. ITALIA |



I have no idea about the country girl style outfits till I saw myself wearing it. I mean, I didn’t plan to wear one, I just did. The style is basically a mix of either jeans + top (usually button-down) + boots (cowboy boots) or dress/skirt + boots, some people pair it with a cowboy hat but it’s optional. Taylor Swift is always known for her country songs and country style too!

I wonder how it feels like to live in the countryside. Why not, right? I want to have a break from everything especially from technology. I seriously want to try country living but it’s really impossible. Anyway, my outfit today was actually a boho-country girl style. I’m always a boho girl, guess you can’t take that away from me :p I mixed it with a knitted cardigan and a dream catcher necklace. Spring break’s over, hell-o school again. Uhh.


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