Vanity Insanity

I was really excited about this shoot because we had a trial shoot yesterday.



Top/Jacket/Bag: TERRANOVA | Bottom: FOREVER21 | Sunnies: RAYBAN


We found the perfect location wherein the sun’s facing me (or not)? Wait, I can’t figure it out. Maybe the sun’s behind me. Haha. Sorry, I’m confused. Anyway,  the sad thing is, the sun didn’t show up. I’m disappointed. It hurts :( Haha! Next time, maybe? Btw, I’m currently munching gummy worms while I’m blogging. We just finished two packs. Omg, what am I doing with my life?  Oh wait, wait!!! I have a knock knock joke!!!! Knock knock?! Vanity and Insanity! “If our love’s insanity, why are you my vanity?”. Ahhhh please. I won’t dare tell a joke next time. Forgive me, I’m bored. Haha. Let’s end this before I crack another corny joke :p The weather’s really good today to the point that I’m only wearing tees. Please let it be like this forever

11 thoughts on “Vanity Insanity

      1. glad you are. my wordpress have cobwebs now. need to update Z’s weebly pa…di pa kaya ng energy. =)
        will catch up here soon.

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