While everybody’s enjoying #Laboracay2014 walking barefoot, dancing to party music, enjoying the sea, taking summer photos, having their tan lines — I’m here yawning & updating my blog.


Dress/Outwear/Sunnies: TERRANOVA | Shoes: KICKS


I’m actually preparing for my diet project (again) that will start tomorrow, hopefully! :)  I gained a lot of pounds, and don’t ask. Please! Haha. Just kidding. I weigh 110 lbs now & I used to be 99 lbs. I know, right? I gained a lot! I may sound redundant but I just can’t believe I gained 11 lbs in 2 months. What have I done? What have I eaten? No regrets, I had fun eating. But it’s time to bring back the old body since summer is just around the corner. I have 2 months to do it so wish me luck. I need to be dedicated. Push!

I spent my Labor Day with my family. We went a little shopping at Castel Guelfo Outlet. Scratch the “we” because I didn’t buy anything today. Can you believe that? Window shopping, it is! I actually have something to show you but I can’t import the videos to my iPad. I can’t edit the whole thing. Maybe next time. Anyway, I wore a bodycon dress and my belly fats are showing. Oh noes! Good thing I have an outwear that I can wrap around my waist. Haha. I swear I’ll work on it. I need a summer body!!!! How did you spend your Labor Day?

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