Food: 7-Day Salad Diet

I started my Salad Diet challenge last May 12. I’m so happy to tell you that I survived! It’s actually harder than I thought. It’s hard to resist food temptations but I challenged myself so I have to comply. But one thing I love the most about this challenge is that I had a chance to bring out the chef in me. I had a cooking class when I was in first year college since my course is connected with it. Everyday was so exciting. It’s fun to invade the refrigerator & experiment with food. Anyway, Before I started the diet, I weighed (I have to emphasize the ED, haha) 110.23 lbs, btw. Keep on reading to see how this diet challenge turned out!!!

Day 1

Breakfast: Strawberries mixed with lettuce and plain cornflakes; banana yogurt as its alternative dressing

DSC_0893 (2)

Lunch: Deep fried potato wedges in olive oil drizzled with pickles and garlic powder


Dinner: I wasn’t able to take a photo of my dinner. But I ended up with a soup meal. My mom cooked Lomi, a Filipino-Chinese dish made of a very thick fresh egg noodles. I literally just sip one-quarter cup of soup.

Day 2

I did my diet the wrong way again during the 1st day. I was using MyFitnessPal app eversince. I only consumed 473 calories out of 1200 (goal). It’s really few. My bad. I always have this bad diet habit when I really want to lose weight but it’s really wrong. So I tried to increase my calorie consumption to atleast 1000 & I failed again. I only consumed 747 calories.

Breakfast: Orange and apple with balsamic vinegar dressing topped with parsley

DSC_0968 (2)

Lunch: Since I’m trying to reach the minimum calories allowed per day, I ate 1/4 cup of Pasta al Pomodoro

Dinner: A small bowl of lettuce & ten pieces cherry tomatoes topped with a few lengua bits drizzled with pepper and garlic powder in Italian salad dressing


Day 3

Breakfast: Rolled lettuces in egg white (fried in olive oil), fried egg yolk (in olive oil) and tomatoes seasoned with pepper, oregano seasoning and garlic powder


Lunch: Panna Biscuits

Dinner: Mixed cucumber, grated carrots and corn in balsamic dressing and apple vinegar topped with chicken nuggets


Day 4

Breakfast: Cherry tomatoes with mixed fruits oats in fresh milk (I have to separate the raisins because I don’t eat raisins, haha)


Lunch: Fried egg in mashed potato sprinkled with minced parsley


Dinner: Carrots and lettuce in Italian dressing drizzled with pepper


Day 5

Breakfast: Sauteed cauliflower and green peas topped in dry noodles with egg

DSC_0183Lunch: An apple

Dinner:  Sauteed cauliflower, cherry tomatoes and green peas in olive oil


Day 6

Brunch: Tuna with cherry tomatoes wrapped in lettuce


Dinner: Mixed cherry tomatoes and pickles


Day 7

Breakfast: Panna Biscuit

Lunch: I just ate a bowl of lettuce and soup since my mom cooked Nilaga

Snack: Mashed potato with carrots & green peas (Since it’s my last day, I had a mini snack :p)


Dinner: Potatoes, green beans and egg drizzled with pepper in balsamic dressing (my aunt did my dinner)


I really tried to make my meals as healthy as possible. I love how colorful my meals were. If you’re really determined to achieve something, you won’t give up and you will try your best. I can’t believe I did it! Are you excited to know the result? :p Okay, I weigh 108.03 lbs now, so it just means I lost 1 kg!!! Hooray!!! Omg omg. Excuse my hyper-ness :p I made myself another diet program for next week (starting tomorrow till next Sunday). Do you have any guess? Well, it’s for you to find out next Sunday :p I need to lose a kilo again. Wish me luck! :)


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