Food: 7-Day Corn Flakes Diet


I swear, it’s very very hard to think of different diet-friendly cornflakes recipe every single day. I have a lot of recipes on my mind but they aren’t allowed, they’re all for desserts. Oh how I missed chocolates! I want to have different recipes per meal but I just can’t think of anything. I ended up with eating one recipe per day. Good thing I didn’t feel any jadedness for eating exactly the same recipe for the whole day. I survived another hell week of decreasing my food consumption. I have a confession to make. I cheated. Thrice. And it feels bad. I ate ice cream twice and ate a lot of custard cake when my mom made one. I feel sorry for myself. I know it’s okay to have a cheat day sometimes. Of course, I shouldn’t be torturing myself but maybe those cheat days were the reasons why I didn’t lose that much this week. My weight before: 108.03lbs; my weight after: 107lbs. At least I lost 0.5kg.
For this week, I will go for an oatmeal diet. And also, I tried zumba today with my mom. I hope my laziness won’t pull me back to my bed tomorrow :p


Food: 7-Day Salad Diet

I started my Salad Diet challenge last May 12. I’m so happy to tell you that I survived! It’s actually harder than I thought. It’s hard to resist food temptations but I challenged myself so I have to comply. But one thing I love the most about this challenge is that I had a chance to bring out the chef in me. I had a cooking class when I was in first year college since my course is connected with it. Everyday was so exciting. It’s fun to invade the refrigerator & experiment with food. Anyway, Before I started the diet, I weighed (I have to emphasize the ED, haha) 110.23 lbs, btw. Keep on reading to see how this diet challenge turned out!!!

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Food: Mussel Rice

Another food post from a binge-eater blogger! Haha. Don’t you just love sea foods? I am a fan of sea foods and today, I’m sharing another food experiment! My mom made a soup with fresh mussels and I made my own lunch out of it! I melted a slice of butter and mixed it with a cup of rice. Then I added a LOT of garlic powder (I’m getting addicted to garlic powder), a tablespoon of vinegar, sprinkled a little ground pepper & salt. Done! My very own version of Mussel Rice :)

Food: Hot Dog With A Twist

Most of you don’t know that I love to experiment with food and my brother finds most of my experiments weird. I cry. Haha. Kidding! I find them weird too, sometimes. Lol. I love experimenting! You better get used to my weird inventions. Omg, did I just tell you that? Only my brother knew how weird I am when it comes to food. I mean, because he often sees me working/cooking/mixing foods. He’s my taste buddy and my beau’s my food trip buddy. That’s actually different. Haha :p
Today I made my usual snack — I call it “hot dog with a twist”. Basically, it’s a microwaved hot dog (sliced into 1/2 inch thick) dipped in banana ketchup drizzled with ground pepper, (more) garlic powder and granulated garlic. You could try making your own. You can use any kind of  hot dog but I used Pavo brand. It’s actually a mix of chicken and turkey. That’s it! Try it! It’s really good especially when you put a LOT of garlic powder :) Buon appetito!


Food: Vanilla Cupcake

Welcome to my first ever food post! This is not the typical food blog post wherein the blogger gives the recipe — because I just copied the whole procedure from the internet :p Let me just feed you with photos. My photography skills are improving actually. Loljk. The camera is just good. Okay, here you go!

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