Not A Greek Goddess

Another bare face shots! I chose to wear a maxi skirt — though it’s hot — instead of shorts because my legs have so many bruises and I don’t know where and when did I got them. And even if I don’t, my knees look bruised. Haha.


Top: TRENDZ | Bottom: BE CHIC FOR LESS | Sandals: GRENDHA | Bag: H&M

Anyway, my style yesterday was bohemian. Bohemian is one of my favorite fashion trends yet the style I seldom don. There’s something about wearing it that I really cannot explain. I cannot pick the right words. Perhaps my free-spirited attitude proves my love for bohemian. I have read before in one article that boho isn’t really about wearing a flowy skirt & a boho-chic bag but it’s about embracing your own personality and expressing it through your fashion choices. A little inspiration would also help though.
I believe that I am as flowy as my skirt that flows smoothly when the wind blows, or as detailed as my crochet top which may look complicated but highlights its simplicity. The thing is.. I am always myself regardless of how hard the situation is. I just go with the flow of life and keep myself happy. And that’s what makes me a hobo-chic.

2 thoughts on “Not A Greek Goddess

  1. I think this bohemian look suits you amazingly, I don’t really know you but for some reason it seems so you ^_^ Have an awesome weekend girl! :) Xx

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