Blogiversary 2.0

Closer look of the icon

Another year flew again. I can’t believe I’m blowing another cake today because today is Faebulous Story’s second anniversary. Most of you, my readers, knew that I stopped blogging and closed my blog for almost 5 months but I am very glad that you welcome me back wholeheartedly and warmly. I thought after closing my blog I won’t have my loyal readers back but I was wrong. For that, I would like to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude for letting me share my world with you. Thank you all so so so so so so much! I would never get tired of thanking you for all the support, sweet words of encouragement and for believing in me. Who would have thought that blogging would lead me to what I really want to do? Also, it made me discover a lot of things about myself.

I decided to change my blog’s look again including the icon. I know I’ve changed its look a lot of times but I am going to stick with it this time. I’ve always been aiming for a clean theme with a unique header and finally, I’ve created the best header I could keep for life. My header shouts “Come and see my fabulous life!!!”. I don’t think I have to explain the story behind it much further. The quote and the header speak for itself.

Join me as I reminisce :) Again, thank you so much guys! Cheers!!! And… watch out for the last three photos :p


I’m diggin’ it since ’90 something! Ha! Bear with the natural vintage-y effect. Lol


Btw, how do you like Faebulous Story’s new look?


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