Silhouette & Feels

Quick silhouette photos expressing how I feel. Photographed by my brother (iPhone+VSCO)


It’s been 6 days since the last time I actually use my Instagram account. I still check them but not that much — same with Twitter and Facebook. I deleted everything in my Instagram except the last photo. I just want to start all over again. I want a new beginning. I chose to drift away from Instagram-ing for some reasons and it was indeed a breath of fresh air. Aside from that, I am also dealing with separation anxiety. It’s been almost a week of not seeing my baby cousins from the Philippines. They are my daily dose of happiness. And I have no proper communication with my beau because the electricity in our city’s still out due to typhoon Glenda and it makes me sadder because… LDR feels.

Everything seems heartbreaking to me. Last week, I woke up to some bad news. From what happened to the Philippines, MH17 air crash, Gaza vs. Israel, to what is currently happening to the World. I mean, this World is broken. I also realized that I have to value my life more and I have to be thankful that I never got to experience what other people’s experiencing today. I grieve with thee. I seldom express my concern to my social accounts but I just can’t stand it. We need to fix what’s broken. I always pray for World Peace. Let us pray for World Peace.

Love. Peace. Freedom. Harmony. Happiness.

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