Wear Black Or Stay Naked


UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledFirst post of Faebulous Story’s new year!!! Of course, I was bored again. Boredom isn’t new to me, it’s actually normal to me and it’s part of my daily life. My photos are just products of self-timer. Didn’t thought I could have good photos without the help of my brother’s photography skills. But apparently, I used P mode so it was still my brother’s settings which technically means that he has helped me still. Anyway, I’ve so much feels that I cannot explain. In fact, I am very happy for no certain reason, I am just very very happy. I really don’t have anything to share about my life lately except my selfies, lol. I’ve read so much life quotes in Tumblr and I want to share my favourite with you. Let’s appreciate life and people.

I like people. i like hearing them talk about themselves. I like their stories, the ones about the first birthday they can remember or about the first time they got lost in a shopping mall. I like to keep listening until they get to that point where they disregard social etiquette. When they decide being honest is easier than pretending. When they tell you what they really think of a certain topic or person. Mostly, I like hearing them talk about themselves. Their fears, their insecurities, their greatest love and loss. When people are honest, it’s like a reintroduction. You meet who they really are. The man wearing the business costume is really a dreamer and the kid asking for change on the sidewalk is working on his first EP. My darling, listen to people when they talk and do so intently. When people sense they are being heard, they will give you something worth hearing”  —How I get past small talk, (breatheasyhoney)

7 thoughts on “Wear Black Or Stay Naked

  1. Loving it girl. After living in NYC, you can NEVER go wrong with black! It’s classic! Lovin your style and love finding other passionate fashionistas like me! Make sure to check out my Fashion Blog as well & Instagram! Keep in touch!

    Instagram: chloescravings

    P.s a little red lip doesn’t hurt either!;)

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