How To Repair Damaged Shorts?

Isn’t it annoying when your favorite shorts got damaged/stained? VERY ANNOYING. But in my case, it was my brother’s shorts that got damaged so I didn’t panic. In fact, I am very very happy that it got stained in the laundry. Lol. *insert evil sister laugh here*. I really want that shorts of his. See the pink spots? I did a little makeover by ripping it. Tutorial below!


In ripping the shorts, you’ll need: 1. Scissors | 2.Cuticle Pusher | 3. Emery Board

Here are the steps (full description of each number below):


  1. Basically, I cut the shorts first since it’s a bit lengthy. You should also consider the style. Decide on how do you want your shorts to be ripped. You could research or use your imagination.
  2. Cut it! Be careful when cutting. You could draw some lines if you’re not sure with your cutting skills :p
  3. If you are a first timer, I suggest that you should cut a small section inside first.
  4. Distressing makes it easier for you to pull the threads out.
  5. Threads are much visible when you reverse your shorts inside out.
  6. Pulling the threads could take a little longer but when you got the steps, everything will be easy.

Here’s my finished product! It took me a lot of patience. Haha. But for the sake of customizing  my brother’s damaged shorts, I worked hard and put in my best effort :p


Since the shorts still have visible stains, I decided to bleach it. I sprayed some Clorox to the damaged areas then I left the bleach solution for about 30 minutes. Then ta-da! It turned out so well. And don’t forget to wash it before wearing! I can’t wait to rock my DIY ripped/acid wash shorts! :)DSC_0297DSC_0296

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