Letters To Juliet

I wore a very comfy outfit to Verona since I knew that we will be roaming around the city. My shorts and my top are both made of chiffon fabric, in which I actually have a love-hate relationship.



I love chiffon because the material has a very gorgeous drape and it is very light but it is pulls/fray-prone so we have to be careful most of the time. Also it feels hot especially when worn on summer days BUT the top I bought from Blanc Et Noir is different. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all, same with the shorts I bought from Oysho. I felt so carefree. On the other hand, I fell in love with those Birkenstock-inspired sandals I bought a week ago. I was actually eyeing for a white sandals but that cute baby pink pair caught my attention so I got them instead. Aren’t they lovely? And the bag that I wore was given to me by my grandma. That is by far my new favorite accessory. It is consists of three clutches with the same style in different colors. You could wear it altogether or individually because it has buttons (I don’t know exactly what to call those). I chose an all white ensemble so I could pair them with colored accessories. I just added some flavor to it :)

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