Into The Woods

The temperature is starting to drop again and I am at the stage where I’m trying to master the art of Winter layering.

Top/Scarf: H&M | Bottom: MANGO | Shoes: DR. MARTENS


As the weather change from time to time, I always find it hard to combine one piece to another. I’ve read in one article that before being too creative with styling, it’s important to get the basics down first and I’ve also learned to follow the thin to thick rule. My winter style is usually composed of long sleeves, cardigan and coat plus an oversized scarf. The combination is practical and warm. It feels so comfortable. As I age, my style preference is changing too. I don’t go with too much colours these days. My closet is now composed of minimal colours (usually dark, maybe also because of the season). Anyway, I took a brief hiatus from school works, trying to catch up with my blog — draft/post everything.

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