Blank Space

Oh hello my dear readers, I’m back with a new post. Been wanting to post this, but I have no time to do it. Being a fashion design student wasn’t really easy, especially because I made a major shift from being a hotel & restaurant management student to being a fashion student.


The truth is, I’m still struggling. Do you know how it feels like living your dream course? It was a fairytale but a nightmare at the same time. Multiple deadlines are killer, and it’s very stressful and tiring. You always have to create something flawless in just a short period of time — from the designs, to the patterns to choosing your fabrics and all. The pressure can sometimes be really high but the best part of being a fashion design student is when you got to see your final work/product. It’s very challenging to think of something unique and creative but really really fun! :)

And speaking of creativity, I tried to play with my clothes again. Remember my last post where I tackled about mastering the art of winter layering? Here’s another version of my winter layering skills (?).  Haha. I wore something minimal again since Winter is all about dark pieces. I am actually wearing a very thin long-sleeved top, then I layered a leather jacket with it, then I threw my trench coat as my outwear. It feels very comfy, trust me! For the first time in forever, I appreciated layering. Lol.

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