How Could I Be So Reckless

Happy 1st of March! This year has just started and we’re already on the third month. It’s a Sunday morning here in Italy and I just got off the bed, lol. No, I mean, I just woke up and still lying in my bed, blogging about my new look.


Every Saturday night, it’s a routine for us friends to go out, chill and have some drink. After a stressful week at school, we deserve to have some fun and unwind before we go back to reality. I wore something basic but classy last night featuring the shirt I made. I’ve been eyeing for a cropped white shirt, but I can’t find any, so I just decided to create one. I think it wasn’t a failure at all, right? Please say yes :p Then I paired it with my high waisted jeans and my coltrane. My look was very simple like I just threw all the pieces together and baaaam! Plus the location made my outfit look better. Also, I tried the wet look hairstyle for the first time. Yay or nay? So excited to share these photos, can’t think of any words to say :)

P.S. It’s so hard to select photos, I love everything.


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