Coachella: Knock knock!

Me: Who’s there?

Coachella: Not you!


Top/Headpiece: FOREVER21 | Outwear: H&M

It’s that ‘Why Am I Not At Coachella’ time of the year again. I’ve always been dreaming of attending Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival — indie music, cutesy outfits, chills, drinks, friends, perfect weather, tans, sunset, party night, hipsters, camping, crowd, soaking in some California sun, my dream experience! One of my favourite hobbies is looking at the music festival lineups, getting excited, and crying after that because obviously, I’m 6000 miles away from Cali. I wonder when will I ever cross that out of my bucket list. A small part of me dies every year every time I see photos/videos of Coachella. They make me jealous on so many levels. This Coachella depression may go on for a little bit longer. It’s NoChella for me! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Anyway, I dressed like I’m attending Coachella while I’m drowning in “festival sadness.” I kept my outfit simple with a high-waisted denim shorts and a plain white top, and then I wrapped myself around my oversized cardigan. I completed the look with some booties, a headpiece, and a dark shade lippies!

10 thoughts on “NoChella

  1. Oh my god I love this look! You really rock that lipstick, I’m obsessed with these pictures. Even though I live in SoCal, I can’t make it to Coachella unfortunately (which is so irritating seeing pictures of my classmates there as I am at home). I am seeing Alt-J this Tuesday though with my friends which should be exciting!

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