Just a random ‘keeping up with Fae’ vlog on a lazy Monday. My brother and I didn’t make it to school today and I’m left with Ate (big sister) duties again. My favourite among my duties is feeding / forcing my brother to eat my experiments, making him fat like me :p Oh what fun it is to cook! Some of you know already that I love food experimenting. Today, I baked some potatoes, for our brunch, with minced onion, spinach & hotdog with eggs, fried garlic, powdered garlic and some spices. We love the powdered garlic, like we add it on any food we eat. We weirdos. And after that, I added powdered garlic AGAIN and some tomato ketchup. It may sound gross but it tastes really good!

Anyway, I’m currently studying for my recitation tomorrow in Textile class. My mom is cooking dinner and I can smell it from here. My tummy’s growling. Haha. Until next time, guys!

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